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How to Rip MP3 from Spotify Songs with Spotify Music Ripper

Posted to Spotify Music Converter Tutorials by Peter Stewart on April 16, 2018


There are over 40 million songs on Spotify and there must be some songs you want to add to your favorite list or rip them as MP3 or M4A for playing on the devices like iPod Nano/Shuffle and various MP3 players. As Spotify Free doesn't allow song dowloading and Spotify Premium only allows you to download DRM protected Ogg files which is not compatible with many devices. To enjoy your favorite Spotify songs on your favorite devices without limitation, Spotify music ripper is indispendisble. Below is the most professional Spotify music ripper you should have a try.

Part 1: Several Ways to Rip MP3 from Spotify

Rip MP3 from Spotify

Most Spotify Free users know that they can only enjoy Spotify songs with internet connection. However, there are some songs which can fit your music taste best and you may want to download the songs for playing on all the devices you own. But the fact is that even Spotify Premium doesn't support iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle, PSP, Sony Walkman or various MP3 players either. So a paid subscription of Spotify Premium doesn't mean that you can download Spotify the songs as MP3, M4A or other audio formats. To enjoy Spotify songs on any devices without limitation, you need to rip or extract MP3 from Spotify Free or Spotify Premium.

There are several ways you can use to rip MP3 from Spotify. You can use all kinds of audio recorders like Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder, Leawo Music Recorder, Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorder, etc. to rip MP3 from Spotify when you are playing the songs with Spotify. However, audio recorders are not smart enough to split songs automatically or get ID3 tags completely, manual operations and manual tag editing will result in frustration.

Some online websites like Mp3fy.com can also rip MP3 from Spotify by entering Spotify URL, but the service is unstable and couldn't analyze the link you entered sometimes, and the audio files you got are with quite low quality. Another online Spotify ripper website called SpotifyTube has been closed without any notification.

Chrome extension called Spotiload (former Spotify Vk Downloader) allows VK.com users to log in their account and search Spotify songs on YouTube, if the song exists, then it will rip the song from YouTube. The shortcoming is you have to use VK.com account and only a part of Spotify songs can be found on YouTube and ripped as MP3.

Easy Guide to Rip MP3 from Spotify Free/Premium with the Most Professional Spotify Music Ripper

TuneMobie Spotify Music Converter

TuneMobie Spotify Music Converter is a professional Spotify music ripper which can help you effortlessly rip MP3, M4A, WAV or FLAC from Spotify songs, ablums and playlists without any hassle. Unlike streaming audio recoders, this Spotify music ripper can rip Spotify songs automatically once you have clicked the Convert button to start ripping. All ID3 tags like song tile, artist, album, genre, artwork, etc. will be preserved completely. You don't have to click and click again for ripping one and another or spend lots of time to edit ID3 tags. It's much more efficient and convenient than other ways of ripping MP3 from Spotify we mentioned above.

This Spotify music ripper works with any Spotify plans, Free or Premium, Individual or Family, also there are both Windows and Mac versions and the program works on Windows 7/8/8.1/10 or Mac 10.9.5 and above including latest macOS Mojave.

The free trial version only rips first 3 minutes for each Spotify song, if you are satisfied with this Spotify ripper, you can get 1-year or lifetime license to rip entire Spotify song as MP3 or rip Spotify album/playlist as MP3 files in a few clicks.

It's quite easy to rip MP3 from Spotify using this Spotify music ripper. Simply follow the steps below.

Step 1: Launch TuneMobie Spotify Music Converter

After downloading and installing the program, you can launch the ripper and Spotify will be launched automatically as well. Do not close the program before the ripping is done.

Spotify Music Converer Interface

Step 2: Add Songs, Albums or Playlists for Ripping

You can drag songs, albums or playlists directly from Spotify to this Ripper, or copy the URL from Spotify, paste in the program and click + or Add button.

Add songs from Spotify to Spotify Music Converter

The smart Spotify music ripper will list all the songs in the album or playlist for ripping, but you can uncheck the ones you don't like.

Step 3: Start Ripping MP3 from Spotify

The program uses 320kbps MP3 as default output audio format and you can simply click Convert button to start ripping MP3. However, you can also change output folder or output format if necessary.

Ripping MP3 from Spotify

As you can see, with a professional Spotify music ripper, ripping MP3 from Spotify songs, albums or playlists is just as easy as a piece of cake. Then you can sync or copy the MP3 output files to any devices and enjoy on them without limitation.