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5 Things You Need to Know about Apple Music's My Chill Mix Playlist

Posted to Apple Music News & Tips by Laurence Bradley on October 14, 2017


In iOS 10, My Favorites Mix and My New Music Mix were added to Apple Music for subscribers. Now you may be aware of a new featured named My Chill Mix. It's said that My Chill Mix knows your music taste better and provide better music experience for you. In this article, we will tell you 5 things you need to know about My Chill Mix, and the most important point is the software solution to help you enjoy your saved My Chill Mix playlist on any devices.

Apple Music is Getting More and More Subscribers

Apple Music was announced on June 8, 2015, and launched on June 30, in over 100 countries worldwide. And six months later, it surpassed 10 million subscribers. In December 2016, Apple Music gained another 10 million subscriber and increased to 20 million. In September 2017, Apple Music executive Jimmy Iovine revealed to Billboard magazine that Apple's music streaming service now has 30 million paid subscribers. The fast growing amount of subscribers indicates that Apple Music is getting more and more popular.

One of the significant personalization feature of Apple Music is My Favorite Mix and My New Music Mix which come with iOS 10, in late June, 2017, Apple released a new Apple Music feature called My Chill Mix to some select users to make personalization one more step forward, and now Apple is expanding My Chill Mix rollout so more users can relax and unwind now. In this article, we will tell you 5 things you need to know about My Chill Mix.

Apple Music My Chill Mix Playlist

1. What is the My Chill Mix Playlist?

Apple describes My Chill Mix as follows: "Tailored to your music tastes, My Chill Mix is a selection of songs to help you relax and unwind." Apple informed The Loop that My Chill Mix algorithms will attempt to choose songs based on a user's existing listening preferences. For example, customers who like rock or pop will see "chill" songs pulled from those genres. Like My New Music Mix, each user's experience is unique. My Chill Mix will take personal music tastes from both your library and recent listens into account, it combines that information with recommendations at large from Apple Music's editors to create a playlist designed for your specific level of chill.

Just like other Apple Music's customization playlist, My Chill Mix also includes 25 songs.

2. How Can I Get Access to My Chill Mix?

When the new feature came out, only a small group of Apple Music subscribers could see My Chill Mix, now Apple expands this feature to more users. After iOS 11 release, most users should be able to enjoy his/her own My Chill Mix.

Open iTunes in Windows or Mac, go to Music section, and click For You, you should be able to see My Chill Mix playlist is at the top of the screen, and in the middle of My Favorites Mix and My New Music Mix. You can also find My Chill Mix in iPhone, iPad using Music app or in Android using Apple Music app.

If you are out of luck to see My Chill Mix, just be patient and wait some time.

3. How Often My Chill Mix Updates?

My Chill Mix updates every week just like My Favorites Mix and My New Music Mix. While My Favorites Mix refreshes every Wednesday and My New Music Mix refreshes every Friday, My Chill Mix refreshes every Sunday. Every time it refreshes, part of the songs or even entire playlist may change based on each user's personal listening history and likes/dislikes.

4. How Can I Save My Chill Mix as A Static Playlist?

If you find you love the current mix playlist, you should save current My Chill Mix playlist as a static playlist. Otherwise, when it refreshes on Sunday, you will have no way to go back to previous mix and any other former mixes. It's quite easy to save current mix as a static playlist.

In Windows or Mac, open iTunes, go to Music section and navigate to For You, click My Chill Mix at the top of the screen to open this playlist. You should be able to find a … button, click … button and click "Add to Library" in the popup menu list.

In iPhone or iPad, tap Music app to open, navigate to For You and open My Chill Mix playlist, click … button and click "Add to Library" in the popup list.

Add My Chill Mix Playlist to Library

In Android, tap Apple Music app to open, navigate to For You and open My Chill Mix playlist, click … button and click "Add to Library" in the popup list. Please note that … button in Android is slightly different, it' is in vertical direction.

If you save My Chill Mix playlists time and time, we recommend you rename the saved playlist with date or a phrase so that you can easily distinguish them.

5. How Can I Enjoy My Chill Mix Playlist on All Devices?

Apple Music now has covered Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, but there are still many users using iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, MP3 players, PSP, etc. to enjoy favorite songs. If they have subscribed Apple Music, they may also want to enjoy saved My Chill Mix playlist on those devices. Unfortunately, Apple Music service isn't provided on those devices. The downloaded offline Apple Music songs are encrypted M4P files which can't be synced to iPod Shuffle or iPod Nano nor played on general MP3 players or PSP.

Don't worry, here is a perfect solution for you to enjoy saved My Chill Mix playlist on various device, all you need is TuneMobie Apple Music Converter.

TuneMobie Apple Music Converter interface

TuneMobie Apple Music Converter can convert Apple Music songs and Apple Music Playlists to MP3 or M4A with ID tags reserved. After conversion, you can sync the output songs to iPod Shuffle or iPod Nano, or copy to MP3 player or PSP. Then you can make a playlist on those device and the playlist can be exactly same as the original My Chill Mix playlist you saved.

Select Your License Plan

TuneMobie Apple Music Converter provides 3 kinds of license plan which are 1-year subscription, lifetime license and family license for 5 PCs. All the plans include free update as long as the license key is valid. 1-year subscription is an automatic renewal, but you can cancel the subscription in any day of current period. Choose your OS and get the license key now!

1 Year Subscription ($19.95) | Lifetime License ($39.95) | Family License ($79.95, 5 PCs)

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