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How to Convert Apple Music to Unprotected AAC in M4A format

Linda Shaw | October 14, 2017 | License plans: 1 month $14.95, 3 months $29.95 & more | Buy Windows Version | Buy macOS Version


As we know, all your downloaded Apple Music songs are encrypted AAC audio files in M4P format, and M4A is the unprotected AAC audio format which you can use widely without any limitation. If you want to convert Apple Music to M4A, TuneMobie Apple Music Converter will be the best solution. It can losslessly convert 256kbps Apple Music songs to 256kbps M4A with all ID tags retained.

Protected AAC (M4P Format) VS Unprotected AAC (M4A Format)

Covnert Apple Music to M4A

In audio industry, it's known to all that AAC stands for Advanced Audio Coding, and was designed to be the successor of the MP3 format. AAC actually is gradually replacing MP3 as the most popular audio format since MP3's creator have abandoned licenses to the format, signing its death sentence in May 2017. It's predictable that AAC will be the dominant audio format in near future.

The tech giant Apple had been providing AAC music services to consumers. At the beginning, people could purchase protected AAC songs in M4P format from iTunes store, later Apple abandoned multimedia encryption and switched to sell unprotected AAC songs in M4A format, and on June 30, 2015, Apple started to provide its streaming music services called Apple Music in over 100 countries worldwide. As of June 2017, Apple Music subscribers has steadily increased to more than 27 million. And the Apple Music tracks you download are still protected AAC audio in M4P format. So both M4P and M4A are AAC audio formats, the difference is the extension and whether its' protected or not.

However, M4A is much more convenient than M4P, although Apple Music is also available on Android, M4P songs still can't be enjoyed on iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle, PSP, PS3 or all kinds of MP3 players. If you have got such a device and have subscribed Apple Music, it's likely that you may want to convert Apple Music to M4A since M4A brings more freedom and convenience.

So the question is how to convert Apple Music to M4A? Actually, it can be achieved as a breeze with the help of TuneMobie Apple Music Converter.

The Best Apple Music to M4A Converter – TuneMobie Apple Music Converter

TuneMobie Apple Music Converter is designed to convert Apple Music songs, audiobooks and other iTunes supported audio formats to M4A, MP3, WAV, etc. easily and fast. To convert Apple Music to M4A, you don't even need to download Apple Music songs to your PC or Mac, just add it to your iTunes library and Apple Music Converter can directly convert to M4A with an internet connection. TuneMobie Apple Music Converter also boasts high conversion speed, lossless conversion and other practical functions. Now let's see what this powerful Apple Music to M4A converter can do.

  • Batch convert Apple Music to M4A with 100% original audio quality
  • Convert Apple Music to MP3, WAV, FLAC and some other audio formats
  • Preserve all ID tags including title, artist, album, genre, track number, disc number, etc.
  • Convert audiobooks and other iTunes supported audio formats to M4A
  • Save your time by converting Apple Music to M4A with 16X faster conversion speed
  • Rename and sort output M4A songs by ID tags and characters
  • Perfectly run on latest Windows 10, Catalina and iTunes version

5 Steps to Batch Convert Apple Music to M4A

Step 1: Launch TuneMobie Apple Music Converter

Launch the converter and iTunes or Music app (on macOS 10.15 Catalina or later) opened as well. And Apple Music Converter will load entire iTunes library and display in the left panel. You can see Music, Music Videos, TV Shows, Movies, Home Videos, Audiobooks, Purchased, and separated Apple Music Playlists you added to iTunes Library. Apple Music songs will be listed either in Music playlist or other Apple Music Playlists.

TuneMobie Apple Music Converter interface

Step 2: Select Apple Music tracks

Click Music playlist or specific Apple Music playlist, and tick the checkbox in front of the Apple Music songs. Once an Apple Music track is selected, album artwork and genre will be displayed. Since this Apple Music Converter supports batch conversion perfectly, you can select as many tracks as you want or select entire playlist by ticking the first checkbox in the label bar.

Choose Apple Music tracks

There is also a built-in search box for you to help you find the Apple Music tracks quickly by search song title, artist or album, etc. Either downloaded Apple Music M4P tracks or online Apple Music tracks added to iTunes library can be converted and searched.

Step 3: Choose M4A as output format

In the bottom panel, you can find output format list. Click the list and choose "M4A - MPEG4 Audio" as we need to convert Apple Music to M4A. If you want to keep original audio quality, we recommend you select "M4A - High Quality (48000Hz, Stereo, 256 kbps)" or "M4A – Good Quality (44100Hz, Stereo, 256 kbps)"profile since downloaded Apple Music tracks are also 256 kbps. Original Apple Music tracks are 44100Hz, so select one of them depending on your sample rate requirement. And your output M4A won't lose any quality. You can also set output folder by clicking … to browse local folder.

Choose M4A as output

Step 4: Set options for file name and conversion speed

Click Options button to open Preferences dialog and you will see some useful options. This Apple Music to M4A converter provides up to 16X faster conversion speed and you can flexibly adjust the speed according to your need. If you don't have a stable or fast internet connection, we recommend you slow down the speed. Generally speaking, you can use 16X faster speed to save time.

Change options

Step 5: Start converting Apple Music to M4A

Now, simply click "Convert" button to start converting Apple Music to M4A. After conversion, you can click "Open output file" to locate converted Apple Music tracks in M4A format. Now you can copy output M4A to PSP, PS3, Sony Walkman or other MP3 players, or synchronize MP4 to iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano or iPod Touch 4 for playback. Besides, after converting Apple Music to M4A, you can also set M4A as your ringtone on Android mobile phones.

Converting Apple Music to M4A

In iTunes Store, you can still purchase favorite songs one by one. After purchasing, you will get plain M4A audio and you possess the ownership of your purchased songs forever, however, it may cost plenty of money if you want to download tons of music. So subscribing Apple Music service and converting Apple Music to M4A with Apple Music Converter is a good way of money saving for music fans.

However, providing a way of converting Apple Music to M4A doesn't mean that we encourage piracy. It's only for the purpose of enjoying Apple Music songs on different devices when you have a valid Apple Music subscription.

By the way, we also provides M4V Converter Plus which can convert your purchased M4V videos to MP4 for playing on Non-Apple devices like Samsung, Huawei, Kindle Fire, HTC, PSP, etc.

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